Services offered for subscribers by Globe include :

  • Simple Renewal Process: We keep accurate and easily accessible records for resources that are subscribed by you. We begin sharing renewal notices as well as usage statistics three months prior to subscription expiry in order to provide uninterrupted access.

  • Negotiating prices: We work closely with publishers and offer the best prices available in the marketplace. We also aid you, as much as possible, with budgeting and financial management.

  • Licensing Agreements & Setting up Access: We ensure proper licensing agreements are in place to avoid disputes. Further, we work with you to ensure your access to electronic journals is set up in a functional and timely manner.

  • Single Invoice: We combine all of your subscriptions into one single invoice. No additional invoices come throughout the year keeping your expenditures clean and simple, saving you hours of tedious paperwork.

  • Local Currency Invoicing: We invoice you in your local/single currency, making it easier for your accounts team to process. We produce accurate invoices and are able to accomodate customers special requirements.

  • Timely delivery of Print Journals: We are hot linked to all our publishers and maintain a regular flow of information regarding despatches of journals. You can be sure of getting your journals right on time wherever you are. If postal deliveries pose a problem, we courier the journals or personally deliver them to you!

  • Claims/Missing issues: We are in constant touch with publishers and work with them closely to fill any gaps in service. We respond efficiently and effectively for any claims for missing issues or other queries. Whenever possible, we provide advance information about delays in publication, title changes, etc.

  • Discovering new titles: As old titles cease and new ones arrive, we make it easy for you to discover new titles. If you can’t find a title you are seeking, just email us at and we will contact the publisher on your behalf.