Founded in 1916, Optica is the leading professional organization for scientists, engineers, students and business leaders who fuel discoveries, shape real-life applications, and accelerate achievements in the science of light. Through its world-renowned publications, meeting and membership initiatives, Optica provides quality research, inspired interactions and dedicated resources for its extensive global network of optics and photonics experts.

Its publishing arm, Optica Publishing Group brings together the optics and photonics community through its myriad publications. It has grown from a single journal over 100 years ago to the largest collection of peer-reviewed content in the field. With more than 460,000 articles from 20 publications including Optica’s flagship magazine, Optics & Photonics News as well as conference papers and associated video presentations across more than 1,150 events, Optica Publishing Group not only represents the highest quality, most impactful work in the field but also the major thought leaders, Nobel Prize winners, and inventors who have changed the technological landscape in optics and photonics.