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Globe subscription services has more than 40 years experience in helping the libraries and organisations of all types and obtaining and managing serials through our well proven services & personal support staff.

Full automation has allowed us to maximise our time to devote and understand the requirements of different institutes. Since incorporation, we have been committed to assist libraries in Special, Government, Academic & public fields in procuring their information either in print or in electronic form. Title searching, ordering & claiming & collection development support are all part of an extensive range of services that assist librarians in managing their diverse serials collections.

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-  Welcome to a world of timely information!

-  Consolidated invoices in a single currency

-  Consolidation and airfreight of journals

-  Despatch of journals by courier/ registered post

-  Automatic claims to publishers

-  Electronic updates for your records

We help you plan, manage and budget your information needs.There are approximately 10,000 journals being published around the world related to Science, Technology, Medicine and Management. We represent some of the leading publishers and can help you make abalanced selection, based on your information needs and budget.

We help you get your publications on time! We are hot linked to all our publishers and maintain a regular flow of information regarding despatches of journals. You can be sure of getting your journals right on time wherever you are. If postal deliveries pose a problem, we courier the journals or personally deliver them to you!

We eliminate tedious paperwork and coordination. Your organisation spends nothing extra for this service, which eliminates many man hours of work for you. We have a well equipped and
fully computerised office which is dedicated to servicing your information needs. Routing of payments to publishers is through us, and we ensure your remittances are done without fuss and headache.

We keep your information flowing... We keep you wired up, whether it means getting a special back number organised for you, or keeping you informed of new publications relevant to your field of study. In this ever-expanding universe, we keep your information alive and flowing!

Furthur our Web Site  has salient features like :–

Online Journals Catalogue
Enables you to get the subscription details for over 10000 titles published by over 500 publishers. All the titles are properly categorized with the publisher information, rates, volume nos. applicable for the subscription year and the other bibliographic information required for the subscription of journals.

PUBLISHERS LINK :- We have provided the links to over 500 publisher sites categorised alphabetically. This helps in going through any of the sites even the URL is not known to you.

JOURNALS LINK  :- We have provided links to the journals website which connects you to the home page of the respective journals.

SUPPLY STATUS  :- As a subscription agency our basic work is to provided the information on time. We as a special case to our clients provide the current supply status which gives the details of the issues being dispatched according to volume and issue numbers. This is a unique facility being provided by us and helps you in keeping the track of you journals.

ON LINE COMPLAINT FORM  :- We have also attached a complaint form with the supply status which helps you to log your complaints online.

DUPLICATE ISSUE DATA BANK  :-  We have over the period of time have a wide range of duplicate issues in our data bank which is now available for all online. You can select the volume number and issue number and can order the same online


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