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1. Direct Marketing

Over the years Globe Publication has developed a comprehensive mailing list of more than 5000 subscribers/Institutions in South Asia. The mailing list database is categorized on the basis of subject areas of interest. Various rate lists, leaflets and subjective brochures are designed and mailed to all the prospective subscribers.
Aim of this highly customized mailing is to reach every prospective subscriber in every corner of this region. We also maintain the responses received from our mailing campaigns, which enable us to undertake the follow up with the prospects from time to time.

2. Database of subscription lists of all the Major Libraries

We also have record for the entire subscriptions of most of the major Libraries/Institutions in India and Indian Subcontinent. At present nearly four hundred major Libraries/Institutions are our client and all their subscriptions are recorded in our system. The same is used to anlyse the institutes where specific journals can be promoted as per their area of interest. 

3. Personal Visits

A dedicated marketing team visits the major institutions, corporate subscribers and other prospects in the region once in every quarter.
We maintain the database of prospects as per the funds allocated to them for subscriptions. This enables us the selection of institutes to visit based on the purchasing power.
Specifically in India we have marketing branches located in North, West, East & South India. Each branch has at least 4 Marketing Staff who is in touch with the academic library through out the year. This will give extra mileage for spreading awareness about your journals.

4. Exhibitions and Displays

All major assosiation events in the field of STM and Libraries are regularly attended by our personels. We organise the display of the relevant journals at each of these events.
Special displays and exhibitions are also arranged in specific Institutes and Cities. Some of the recent events where we have participated are :

a) World Book fair 2000
b) Medical Libraries Association of India
c)Indian Libraries Association
d)Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers.

5. Sample Copy Handling and follow ups

Specimen copies are provided to Researchers and Professional on their requests. We also receive a large no. of requests through our website. Specimen copies are sent to all these prospective subscribers and regular follow ups are made to get the feedback about specimen copies reviewed.

6. Online Promotion

Keeping in mind the mission of the company of, "Being the leader in the information market by satisfying not only existing but also the latent demand of the subscriber". GPPL has developed a website : which is being regularly updated.
In order to enhance the performance following features are provided on our website:

a) Online Journals Catalogue having a search facility
b) Journals Link
c) Subject wise categorization of journals
d) Status of Supplies

The following ensures a regular follow up of visitors to our site. The Visitors are not only Library professionals but also Researchers, Professors and other professionals looking for information on the journals in their fields or the supply position of journals to their Libraries.


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